About Me


         Carlynn Pratt is a passionate makeup artist who specializes in a wide range of beauty services. With over 7 years of experience in the area of bridal, photoshoots, and makeup education she has emerged as a professional artist in the beauty industry.


Carlynn’s start to the makeup world was introduced to her at a young age when she began working in popular cosmetic companies which led to her becoming an independent freelancer in the competitive makeup business. She quickly noticed the rise of freelance artist and wanted to stand out with not only her skill but her vision.


With a creative approach Carlynn introduced The Makeup Truck Studio in 2020. This unique studio has a 3-station vanity style setup for artist to provide makeup services in an intimate setting. The Makeup Truck Studio is used for large gatherings such as outdoor events, weddings, parties and more


The Makeup Truck Studio, steering beauty your direction.